Historic Grand Race 2006

General Information

On the last weekend of August there was already the traditional Historic Grand Race at the Ahvenisto Circuit in Hämeenlinna. The event has been essential part of the Ahvenisto summer season since 1994 and it has grown to be the biggest racing event in Finland and one of the biggest in Nordic Countries. Last year approximately 170 competitors participated the event and this the amount exceeded already 180.

The event included also Nordic Cup races, which attracted also many foreign competitors to race. The classes covered both international Historic classes according to FIA appendix K as well as national groups of which the HRF Roadsport is the biggest one.

Additionally, Historic Grand Race is a remarkable enthusisast vehicle gathering. Clubs presented their vehicles and activities and took part the parades. There was also demonstration runs by Historic Racing Motorcycles. Dedicated parking for enthusiast vehicles was located at the crest of the hill just next the spectators area.

There were activities over the whole weekend. On Friday the competitors arrived to the paddock and scrutineering startted. On Saturday there was free practice sessions and qualifyings for each class and Sunday was filled with race heats.

We thank everyone who visited the event. See you next year!

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