Photo Gallery 1998

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Moomin car. Tuija Säteri's hilarious Apal Mk 1 Formula V at Botnia Ring

Jukka Pesonen and ex-Keke Rosberg's Veemax Mk IV B at Botnia Ring

Kim Petterson in RPB and Juha Liukkonen in Veemax Mk IV B at Botnia Ring - Kim was finally faster

Jarmo Salminen in a Finnish Bensco, which is designed and constructed by Jarmo himself

HRF Club Cars A and V8 start at Alastaro

Janne Laitinen, who has raced also in U.S. in Juha-Matti Riikonen's BMW, Jorma Koponen in 911 Flat Nose and Mika Rannanoja in Opel Ascona

Tuomas Vaaranta in BMW and Lauri Aarnio in his Corvette, souvenir from U.S. where he raced it too

Tapani Koski in van Diemen SR Sport. Behind him Kim Kareskoski and Andrew Barriskell who races a Race Sports class Westfield Seven amongst van Diemens. Henri Leksis seems to have wide slides...

Ilkka Lindstedt leads Historic D-class in his Mini Cooper S but Joni Luotonen in Fiat Abarth doesn't make it easy. Behind them Esa Pyyhkäläinen and Jyrki Määttä have their own duel using B-class Volvos, while behind them...

... Reijo Halonen in Hillman Imp Rallye and Webmaster himself in Triumph Spitfire battle for next positions of D-class. Johan Furuhjelm watches happenings in his B-class BMW 1800ti.

In addition to female drivers there is also a female mechanic, "Spede", in Historic Formula Cars class. ”Spede” and the driver of Veemax, Juke Puurunen, repair the oil pump before the race.

Overall view from Alastaro paddock

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