Photo Gallery 1999,
Botniaring, Jurva 10.-11.7.

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Toni Nieminen ruled Van Diemen SR Sports. He was fastest in qualification and won both races.

Tomppa Kekalainen in '66 Apal rental FV and Caj Hasselgren in RPB '68. In the 2nd race Peter Hasselgren was 4th in Cajs RPB in his first ever race.

Win at last! Tuomas Vaaranta has had it very close for several years, but now it finally came. 1st place in the HRF Club Cars A -class.

HRF Club Cars B -class had most competitors at Botniaring. Esko Salonen in Volvo 242 is followed by Pasi Tervola in Ford Escort and Urpo Pihlman in BMW 2002. Urpo has raced since mid 60's so he is one of the most experienced racing driver in Finland and still improving his speed...

Battle in combined HRF Club Cars V8, -A and -C class race. Tomi Heinonen in BMW 1502 is leading Aarno Pihala in Porsche 911 and nex after him Raine Keinšnen in Ford Escort GT.

Fast BMW Tii racers in the Historic class had a close race. Michael Ehnroth leading Mikko Kaukonen.

Desert rally co-driver Tuomo Matsinen and HRF chairman Juha Liukkonen have dived into a VW engine. Juha's speed slowed down in free test session on Saturday and it revealed that a main bearing was gone. Tuomo and Juha didn't have much time to party on Saturday night as they were trying to get it fixed first on paddock and then in a local garage.

Team Rosberg brought their spectacular rally-prepared Jaguar to Historic class race. Driver Pentti Pekkala defended the marque's honour fairly succesfully.

Olli Ojala was forced to present his HRF Club Cars -class Volvo PV's -should we say curvaeous- rear end only at paddock due to engine block failure.

Some of the HRF marshall team "Pit Lane Crew" -members were catched to the same picture. As you can see from the skin colour, there was plenty of sunshine available during the whole weekend. They don't seem to complain though...