Photo Gallery 1999,
Historic Grand Race, Ahvenisto 14.-15.8.

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Greatest Historic Formula -grid of the history of the HRF started to the first race with Swedish drivers taking the command. Seved Lundberg who won the race leading in his BMVee FV '69. Next to him is Axel Madsen in BMVee '70 and Finnish Kim Pettersson who finally broke the Swedish front by taking the 3rd position. Petterson got the VW-bowl as a best Finnish FV-driver.

Swedish guest's FV machinery from left to right: BMVee '69, RPB '67, RPB '70 and BMVee '70.

Former stage rally driver Veikko Ukkola and '67 Autodynamics FV - both new at HRF races.

An Englishman who has stuck to Finland, Andrew Barriskell, in his quick van Diemen SR Sport.

Tiny Fiat Abarth driven by Lasse Peltola ruled Historic D's first start. Johan Furuhjelm in his BMW 1800Ti trying to pass.

Originally there was going to be five Volvo 122 Amazons in the Historic Touring cars. Finally three got to the starting grid, one of them from Sweden - Alf Andersson in his white one.

Tero Kuula in his Autobianchi and Juhani Jyranko in VW Beetle had a tough fight in HRF Club Cars race

HRF Club Cars -class B had plenty of cars as usual. Jari Nieminen who was having his second race in his Opel Kadett D fought his way to third position in the first start.

Torbjorn Tallbacka made his debut in the HRF Club Cars -class driving his 2.700cc VW Beetle. Here he is approaching the main straight.

Fresh machinery of the V8 -class - Chevrolet Camaro commanded by Pekka Hietala.

Son and father Koski took the double victory in van Diemen's second start, but third of the race, Markku Pietila (right), was faster with Elyseť Arena -bottle.

Damp celebration of the Club Cars class A. Opels took a triple victory. Marko Rantanen left, Kai Peltonen middle and Mika Rannanoja and son at right.