Photo Gallery 1999,
Alastaro 19.9.

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Ari Kalliola had his first formula race in just finished Austro Kaimann FV. He started from the pole position and lead the race from start to finish. Veikko Ukkola had been able to get his Autodynamics back on track after the engine problems at Ahvenisto, but slipping clutch slowered his speed.

Peter Hasselgren leading a bunch of Formula Vees in RPB. Next after him the real "Grand Old Man", Juke Puurunen in his Veemax and behind is Kim Petterson, who won the series championship in his RPB.

Matti Kylamarkula in Porsche 911 and Juha Luikkonen in Ford Falcon Sprint had a tough battle of the victory of the Historic A -class. Liukkonen won finally both this race and the series championship of his class.

Clas Palmberg returned to historic-competition in his Lotus Elan after a break. Ford Cortina 1200 DL in its first race driven by Henrik Weines at the background.

The duel of Esa Pyyhkalainen in his Historic B-class Volvo 122 S and Jari Tabell in his Historic D-class Triumph Spitfire.

HRF Club Cars A series champion Joni Luotonen's turbocharged 1600cc BMW shows Pete Oksanen's V8 -class Camaro some oversteer.

Two fastest of the qualification of the HRF Club Cars class A were Opel Ascona drivers Mika Rannanoja and Marko Rantanen. In the race the Opels took the double victory too.

GM products of the HRF Club Cars V8 -class. At front Mikko Kurki who was driving his first HRF race in Opel Diplomat.

Mika Valtari's Chevrolet Malibu '65 was also new machinery in the V8 -class.

Close racing of the HRF Club Cars B -class. Marko Laiho who won the race is leading in his Vauxhall Chevette, Pasi Tervola in Ford Escort is trying to overtake while Olli Ojala in Volvo PV 544 and Petri Kuusisto in Opel Kadett C Coupe are following at the near distance.

Jyrki Lahti in Volvo 242 started from the pole position of the HRF Club Cars C -class race. Other competitors in the picture are Fiat driver Pekka Ojainmaa, Mika Ahlqvist in Lada 1500 S and Raine Keinanen in Ford Escort 1300 GT.

HRF Club Cars C -class race was won by Kari Anttila driving Volvo Amazon.