Historic Grand Race 2002

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The main Historic Racing event of the season in Finland:


Traditional, already 11th, Historic Grand Race took place in most perfect summer weather at the Ahvenisto circuit in the city of Hameenlinna. 13 race heats, practices, qualifying sessions and over 130 competitors guaranteed an eventful motor racing weekend. In addition to the Finnish, there were also Swedish competitors driving the historic Touring/GT -cars and Historic Formula cars.

The event was also completed by a great amount of car enthusiasts and marque clubs, who had their gathering at the top of the hill at the spectator's area. These classic and enthusisats cars formed also a parade round the circuit on both days. Marque clubs presented were amongst the others BMW-club of Finland, Imp -club of Finland, Audi-Club Finland, British Ford club of Finland, Isuzu Owners' Club, Gruppo Fiat Finlandia, Ford Mustang Owners' Club, Opel 60's ja 70's Club, Mini Club Flying Finns, Cobra Owners' Club.

Many thanks to all who participated and created this a great event!


  • Jarvelin's special award for the most unlucky competitor: Pekka Hietala - Chevrolet Malibu '65
  • VW-bowl for the best Finnish Formula V-driver: Jari Nieminen - FinnVau FV/ VW '71
  • Yrjo Amberla's memorial award: Seppo "Kessu" Nieminen


  • The most spectacular race car: Volvo PV 544 '65 - Olli Ojala
  • The most spectacular car at the enthusiast's car gathering: Plymouth Roadking '37 - Jari Vasarainen

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