Photo Gallery 2000,
Historic Grand Race, Ahvenisto 12.-13.8.2000

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Hannu Nieminen in van Diemen SR Sport in the paddock corner.

Henri Leksis and Markku Pietila in their van Diemen SR Sports.

Johan Furuhjelm in his Historic B -class BMW 1800 Ti.

Newcomer in the Historic D-class was Risto Hoikka in his Fiat Abarth.

Lasse Peltola won again both races of the Historic D-class in his Fiat Abarth.

Tapani Koski brought his Historic C-class Lotus Cortina to class victory and was also the fastest of all historic classes in both races of the day.

Ari Rantalainen in his Historic B-class Volvo Amazon overtaking Juhani Tukeinen's Historic G-class Porsche 911.

Matti Kylamarkula took the victory of the Historic A-class in Porsche 911 in both races of the day

Swedish Mats Lundvall in Titan Mk 6C Formula Ford and Ari Kalliola in Austro Kaiman Formula Vee.

Jari Nieminen leading a group of Formula Vees in Finn Vaulla while Kim Petterson is looking for a possibility to overtake in his RPB Formula Vee.

Sami Lintunen was a real comet of the Roadsport C-class taking a clas victory of the both races and being even 3rd fastest of the whole 1st race of the combinend Roadsport A and C.

Simo Ojainmaa's pretty Roadsport C-class NSU Prinz 1000 TT resting on the paddock.

Matty O. Suonsivu's "slightly" modified Roadsport C-class Fiat 600 SLE. Cars has for example a Hewland gearbox from a Formula 3.

Year 1999 points-ace Erkki Heusala waiting for his turn to get to the track in his Roadsport C-class Toyota Starlet.

Torbjorn Tallbacka's VW Beetle is a nice addition to the Roadsport C-class.

Marko Haverinen took part to Roadsport A-class and won the first race in his 3960cc engined Opel Manta.

Kai Peltonen's turboed Roadsport A-class Opel Ascona.

FIA Cup for GTS cars 1999 class winner Karl-Eric Roslund had sold his winning Austing Healey just before the race. However, this didn't prevent him to race; here in Upi Pihlman's Roadsport B-class BMW 2002.

Mika Rautio won the both races of the Roadsport B-class in his Toyota GT.

Oli Ojala's Roadsport B-class Volvo PV was chosen by spectators as the most stunning car of the event.

Lare Aarnio's Chevrolet Corvette raced both in Historic A-class driven by Ari Kalliola (Hups=Oops...) and Roadsport A-class driven by Keijo Hallfast.

Jarmo Juntti in Roadsport B-class Ford Cortina battling with Tero Kuisma's Chevrolet Camaro.

In addition to his racing Lotus Elan, Claes Palmberg had also ex-S.P.J. Keinanen Jaguar XK120 present.

In addition to racecars there was also toys for smaller...

... and bigger boys.

All photos on this page: Veli.Matti A. Pitkanen,