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Photo Gallery 2001,
Motopark 2.-3.6.

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Andrew Barriskel in his van Diemen SR Sport and Ilkka Jutila in his SS1300 Sunbeam Stiletto accelerating after the start of the race. Barriskel took two second positions whereas Jutila got a double victory in his class.

Both Esa Pyyhkalainen in his Historic A -class Falcon and Jukka Suominen in his Historic C -class Lotus Cortina won their classes

The latest addition to the Historic Formula class, '67 Dolling Formula V which has an interestion competition history was acquired from Sweden on 1st of May. Carita Keinanen, who had her first race at Motopark, holding the steering wheel.

The start of the HRF Roadsport A/V8 -class has just taken place and Tommi Kaarna in "Cosworth" Taunus, Lauri Aarnio in big-block Corvette, first timer Pertti Heinonen in GT Mustang and the pole position holder Marko Haverinen in Opel Manta let the engines sing.

Kai Saarenmaki in Imp and Mika mansukoski in VW 1303 S compete in the HRF Roadsport C -class. Mansukoski broke his gearbox already in the Saturday's parctice session, but did a hard work and managed to get it fixed for Sunday's races.

Bavarians at the paddock: Johan Furihjelm's Historic G-period BMW 2002Ti at front and behind it Upi Pihlman's BMW 2002Ti from the same period as well. HRF Roadsport -class is represented by Ari Heikknen's 2002 and Tuomas Vaaranta's 1502.

HRF Roadsport B- ja C -classes at the starting grid. Pole position holder, Petri Kuusisto in his Opel Kadett C coupe is outside from the picture.

The start of the HRF Roadsport A- and V8 -classes. Marko Haverinen in his Opel Manta is at pole, but Mika Viitala in his Peugeot 205, who started from the 2nd position took the victories of both races.

Mika Sarkela's Roadsport C -class VW Beetle at the paddock.

Mika Mansukoski's team staff.