Photo Gallery 2001,
Alastaro 22.9.

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Historic G -class Fiat Abarth that has literally lasted from father to son. Antti Rinne raced this car in it's original period and now Pekka Rinne contunues do the same.

Markus Vuori's neat Ford Escort of the HRF Roadsport class takes minds directly to the late 60's and early 70's.

View over the Alastaro paddock.

Mika Takanen's Ford Escort and Mika Rautio's Toyota Corolla GT.

What car? Of course a Simca 1000 Rallye 3 as a slightly modified SS 1300 -racer.

Ari Kalliola's Roadsport V8 -class Porsche 928 isn't any more powered by German iron, but by an Australian Holden V8

Combined van Diemen SR Sport and SS 1300 race. Markku Pietila in van Diemen and Ilkka Jutila in Sunbeam Stiletto.

Historic Formula cars race has just started.

Swedish Seved Lundberg won the Formula race in his RPB.

Peter Hasselgren leading the Formula race in RPB

Historic A-G race starting.

Upi Pihlman's magnificient Historic G -class BMW 2002 Ti has a competition history from its original period and is fitted with mechanical injection and all other genuine tweaks.

Joni Luotonen's, Lasse Peltola's and Risto Hoikka's Fiat Abarth 1000 Berlina Corsas teasing Jari Salmi's Ford Cortina GT.

Timo Kjelin in his Historic G -class Opel Manta followed by Tapani Koski in his Historic C -class Lotus Cortina.

Juha Liukkonen's and Mikko Kaukonen's BMW 1800 Ti -racers having a tough fight.

Historic D -class Hillman Imps were represented by Reijo Halonen's ja Jaakko Kansala's Rallyes.

Erkki Yrjola's Historic A -class Porsche 911, Marcus Weckstrom's Historic C -class Lotus Cortina and Joni Luotonen's Historic D -class Fiat Abarth.

HRF Roadsport B -class race going on. Petri Kuusisto in Opel Kadett C Coupe, Mika Rautio in Toyota Corolla GT and Mika Lampela in Ford Cortina.

Olli Ojala and Mika Ikola in their Volvos. Ojala had a total clutch failure in the morning practise, but thanks to hard work he was still able to take part the afternoon's race

HRF Roadsport A and V8 race has just started.

Tomi Naaramo's huge Buick Special 2D trying to escape from the fellow competitors.

Mika Viitala took an outright win in the combined Roadsport A ja V8 -classes race in his Peugeot 205.

Jyri Rekonen's Roadsport V8 -class Ford Mustang Fastback with Tero Kuisma's Chevrolet Camaro.

Roadsport A -classes many Bavarians are represented here by Markku Kainulainen's BMW 535 and Tuoma Vaaranta's BMW 2002.

Sami Tschokkinen didn't have to save his tyres any more at the end of the race...

... and his celebration for the championship of the HRF Koni Cupin Roadsport V8 -class took off also the rest of the tyre treads...