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Photo Gallery 2002,
Motopark 8.-9.6.

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One of the "new" cars was Heikki Aromaa's fine Historic G -class Opel Kadett Rallye with a genuine competition history from the original period.

Some of the Historic Touring/GT -class cars on the paddock. In front Markus Weckström's Lotus Cortina, Juha Liukkonen's BMW 1800ti, Erkki Yrjölä's Porsche 911 and Jukka Suominen's Lotus Cortina

BMW -machinery of the HRF Roadsport -class. In front Viktor Galkin's BMW 2002 under maintenance.

HRF Roadsport B- and C-classes have just had their 1st start. Esa Peltonen takes the lead in his very fast Toyota Starlet.

The 1st start of the Historic Touring/GT -cars with newer period G-class cars in the front row. Timo Kjelin in his Opel Manta gets the best start.

Esa Peltonen ruled the both heats of the HRF Roadsport B -class in his Toyota Starlet.

The battle of the HRF Roadsport B -class. Here Jyrki Lahti in Volvo, Petri Kuusisto in Opel Kadett and Jari Matalamäki in Ford Escort.

There track was filled with cars also in the HRF Roadsport A- and V8 -classes races.

Ilkka Jutila ruled the SS1300 -class in his Citroen AX -powered Sunbeam Stiletto, leaving also all van Diemen SR Sports behind him in the 2nd heat.

Andrew Barrskell won the both races of the van Diemen SR Sports in his newly painted car.

The real duel of the 2nd Historic Touring/GT -race was between Johan Furuhjelm and Urpo Pihlman, both driving almost identical period G BMW 2002Ti cars. Pihlman, who has prepared the both cars, won the first race whereas Furuhjelm took the victory of the second one.

Also Jukka Suominen in his Lotus Cortina and Juha Liukkonen in his BMW 1800Ti arranged an entertaing battle.

Amongst new cars in the Historic Touring/GT -class was also Martti Huttunen's beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce.

Joni Luotonen won the both races of the Historic D -class. This view of the Fiat Abarth is familiar also to many drivers of much bigger cars...

Clas Palmberg took the victory of both Historic C -class races in his Lotus Elan S2.

Historic Formula drivers Caj Hasselgren in RPB FV ´68 and Josette Tuomi in ´71 FinnVau. Tuomi got the 3dr best lap time of the Formula race, but she had to retire from the race as the engine refused to restart after a spin on the 9th lap. Hasselgren took himself on the podium.