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HRF Photo Gallery 2002,
Botniaring, Jurva 29.-30.6.

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Tero Kuisma's Chevrolet Camaro in front and behind it also a Camaro, which was driven by Sami Tschokkinen. The race weekend of the latter ended when the rear wheel of the car decided to separate.

Cars of the Roadsport C -class in the post-race scrutineering. Pekka Ojainmaa's Fiat 127 on the scale and Marko Soisalo's MG Metro on side of it.

Tomi Taipale's Roadsport C -class Sunbeam 900 Imp

Petri Kuusisto's Opel Kadett C Coupe in the post-race scrutineering.

European cars in the Roadsport V8 -class were represented by Kari Juvonen's Porsche 928

Jukka Suominen's Lotus Cortina had some drive shaft problems, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

The heat of the Historic Touring/GT -race as seen from Jari Tabell's Triumph Spitfire.

Markku Pietilä's van Diemen SR Sport and Juhani Jaakkola's Sunbeam Stiletto having a tough race.

Assuming from these faces, racing Formula cars isn't so serious business either. From left to right Veikko Ukkola, the winner of the race Jarmo Brandes, Josette Saraskoski and Kim Petterson.

Part of the starting grid of the Formula cars. In front Jarmo Brandes in a VeeMax IV B, which once belonged to the F1 world champion Keke Rosberg.

Kai Saarenmäki saving the front tire of this Sunbeam Imp in the Roadsport C race.