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Historic Grand Race, Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna 17.-18.8.

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There were cars from two period in the combined race if the Historic C and -G classes. Lars Bondesson from Sweden taking the lead in his Lotus Elan.

Esa Peltonen ruled both Roadsport B races in his Toyota Starlet, but Petri Kuusisto in his Opel Kadett C Coupe took care that it wasn't easy.

Mika Mansukoski showed to sceptics that also a Beetle can work on racetrack, winning both Roadsport C races.

Roadsport B -class competitors turning into the first corner

Jan Enqvist, this time in Kaimann Historic Formula Vee.

Henry Snabb won the both Historic A and -D -classes races in magnificent Ford Falcon.

Ilkka Jutila and Sunbeam Stiletto were an unbeatable combination in the SS1300 and van Diemen SR Sport race.

Thanks for the photos of this page to Pro Technic Oy.

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