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Photo Gallery 2003,
Motopark 7.-8.6.

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New car of the Historic G/D -class was Jukka Kovanen's rare Lancia Fulvia HF. Unfortunately the clutch problems prevented his participation to the Sunday's races. Heikki Välikoski's Lotus Cortina at the background.

Historic Touring/GT -cars lining up for the Sunday's first race heat.

At the background newcomer in the Historic F/D -class, Tero Mikkonen and his Ford Cortina 1200. Markus Weckström's Lotus Cortina nearer the camera.

Various Historic Touring/GT -cars, Iiro Mäkinen's BMW 1800ti in the middle. Unfortunate technical problems caused that he didn't have much racing this time.

Newcomer in the Historic F/C -class was Tauno Lehtonen in his Alfa Romeo Giulia Super.

Juha Liukkonen preparing his BMW 1800ti for Sunday's races.

Lare Aarnio has a stylish tow truck for his Roadsport V8 -class Chevrolet Corvette.

Tero Kuisma's Roadsport V8 -team relaxing.

Newcomer in the Roadsport V8 -class was Marko Hauhtonen. The car is a Pontiac Firebird, even if the front of it may suggest something else...

More photos from the Motopark race can be found on Mikko Karppanen's photo gallery