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Photo Gallery 2003,
Botniaring, Jurva 19.-20.7.

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Newcomers of the Historic F/D -class were Tapani Laurinen's and Kari Erkintalo's immaculate Mini Coopers.

In the paddock there was action over the whole weekend. Markus "Wekkari" Weckström's Lotus Cortina under work during the dark hours of the Saturday night.

The start of the Roadsport B- and C -classes. Jari Matalamäki in his Ford Escort on the pole, next to him Jyrki Lahti in his Volvo 240.

Historic Touring/GT -cars lining up for their first race heat.

Some of the Historic Touring/GT small capasity class F/D cars waiting for the race. In front Joni Luotonen's Fiat Abarth 1000 Berlina Corsa.

All Historic Touring/GT -cars didn't fit to the same picture even from above...

The start of the Historic Touring/GT race. On pole Upi Pihlman in his BMW 2002 Ti from the period G.

Risto Hoikka driving his Fiat Abarth 1000 Berlina Corsa on two wheels while having a close race with Heikki Välikoski's Lotus Cortina.

Roadsport A- and V8 -classes race. Jorma Uppa from Sweden in his Chevy Camaro on pole and next to him Toni Nieminen in his BMW 325.

Historic Formula cars prior to their race.

Historic Formula cars in Par Ferme after a hot race heat.

Historic Formula cars in their paddock stands.