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Historic Race Finland ry invites competitors to participate the next Historic Grand Race
racing event 21th – 22th August 2010 (The Ahvenisto racetrack in Hämeenlinna).
We hope to see You all next year in Ahvenisto!


Historic Grand Race 2009 - race and qualifying results


Historic Touring Cars and Grand Touring Cars

Historic Formula

Roadsport V8, A, B and C

Van Diemen SR Sport, SS 1300 and Locost

Mini 1000


Historic Formula (FIA App K):

Historic CT/GTS (FIA App K):

Historic T/GT (FIA App K):

HRF Roadsport:

Van Diemen SR Sport



Mini 1000


Ahvenisto racetrack has established on 16th July 1967. It is interesting with height differences. The lenght of track is 3040 m. Noise level must not exceed 110 dBa.

The town of Hämeenlinna (also accommodation) in Internet.


The address of Ahvenisto: Poltinahontie 47, Hämeenlinna

The racetrack of Ahvenisto


1. The vehicle gathering of entusiasts
2. The public
3. The entrance of public
4. The press office
5. Cafe, technical scrutineering, secretariat, drivers' official notice board, WC, dressingroom, bathroom
6. The pit area
7. The Historic Race Finland's sales stall
8. The tower of stewards
9. The paddock
10. The parc Fermé

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