Historic Race Finland invited competitors to participate the racing event, which is held at the Ahvenisto Race Circuit on 18.–20.8. 2017. The event organized according to the FIA Appendix K and AKK-Motorsport rulebook 2017. Entry period ended on 11.8. 2017 18.00 o'clock (entry form, PDF)

Race Classes

Historic Formula cars:

A - Single seaters, periods E - F (1947 – 1965)
B - Formel V 1-carburettor, period G (1966 – 1971)
C - Formel V 2-carburettor, period H (1972 – 1981)
D - Formel Ford 1600, periods G - J (1966 – 1990)
E - Formel Super Vee, periods H -I (1972 – 1982)
F - Formel 4, up to 1994

Historic T (group 1 of period)/GT):

G-H/r1A - periods G - H, over 1600 cc
G-H/r1C - periods G - H, up to1600 cc
H2-I/r1 - periods H - I, all capacities

Historic GT:

F/A - over 1800 cc, periods E - F
F/B - up to 1800 cc, periods E - F
F/C - up to1600 cc, periods E - F
F/D - up to. 1300 cc, periods E - F
E-G1/E - up to1000 cc, periods E - G1
G/A - over 1300 cc, period G
G/D - up to 1300 cc, period G
H - period H, all capacities
I - period I, all capacities

Historic Prototypes:

F/GTP - Grand Touring Prototype, period F, all capacities

HRF Roadsport (period 1, before 1.1.1985 homologisation)

V8 - over 3.5 l. V8-engined
A - 3.80-5.49 kg/hp
B - 5.50-6.99 kg/hp
C - 7.00-> kg/hp

HRF Roadsport (period 2, before 1.1.1997 homologisation)

2A - over 2000 cc
2B - up to 2000 cc

Subaru Sport



Mini 1000


Race results

Ahvenisto Race Circuit

The first race of Ahvenisto Race Circuit to be held on July 16. 1967 and now the circuit celebrates its 50th Anniversary.
Motor racing circuit located in Hämeenlinna. It's 2,840 metres long and a total elevation change is 32 metres. The main straight is 280 metres in length.

Ferries to Finland

Ferries from Stockholm (Sverige) to Turku (Åbo) and Helsinki (Helsingfors):

Viking Line, Silja Line

Ferries from Kapellskär (Sverige) to Naantali (Nådendal):

Finnlink (Finnlines)

Ferris from Uumaja (Umeå) to Vaasa (Vasa):


Ferries from Germany to Finland (Travemunde -> Helsinki):


From Turku to Hämeenlinna is 102 km and from Helsinki 100 km (motor way) and from Naantali 170 km.

Maps and internet links

Race circuits road map:
address: Poltinahontie 47, 13130 Hämeenlinna

Ahvenisto Race Circuit

Ahvenisto Race Circuits web camera

Circuits maps (Historic Grand Race)

Visit Hämeenlinna (Tavastehus)

Hämeenlinna (english)

Information to racing drivers

The entry fee (foreign drivers) is 70 eur/race (2 races/class). Additionally, there is a timekeeping transponder fee 10 eur/race if the driver does not have an own transbonder (AMB).

On friday 18.8. is free practice 09.00 - 18.00 o'clock. Its fee is 60 eur.

Driver must not take part the official practices and races in a car, which is not approved by the scrutineering.

Measurement of noise (110 dB): on friday beside the ambulance and on saturday outside the scrutineering hall.